Best Marine Toilets 2024: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Boating adventures are incomplete without the right gear, and one crucial aspect often overlooked is the marine toilet. In 2024, the range of options available is more diverse than ever, catering to various needs and preferences.

Types of Marine Toilets

Marine toilets come in three main types: composting, electric, and manual. Each type serves a specific purpose and fits different boating needs. For instance, composting toilets are eco-friendly, electric toilets offer convenience at the push of a button, and manual toilets provide reliability with straightforward mechanics.

What to Consider When Choosing a Marine Toilet

Selecting the right marine toilet involves considering several factors:

  • Size and Installation: Ensure the toilet fits in the allocated space and can be installed with minimal hassle.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Some models require more upkeep than others.
  • Environmental Impact: Eco-friendly options are increasingly popular among environmentally conscious boaters.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your marine toilet. This involves routine cleaning, checking for leaks or blockages, and ensuring all components function correctly.

Our Top Picks For Marine Toilets In 2024

2024 has brought a variety of excellent marine toilet options, each with its unique features and benefits.

Best Overall Choice:

Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet

Nature’s Head is renowned for its stainless steel hardware and easy assembly. Its composting feature, using pre-moistened coconut fiber or sphagnum peat moss, offers an eco-friendly solution. It’s praised for being odor-free and durable, even in harsh weather conditions.

Key Features:

  • Ease of Installation: Highlights that any reasonably handy person can install this product, suggesting it’s user-friendly and doesn’t require professional installation.
  • Odor-Free and Maintenance-Free: Stresses the absence of odor and the lack of maintenance required, which are significant benefits for any user. A 5-year warranty adds to the value proposition.
  • Large Capacity: With the capacity to accommodate 2 people using it full time and requiring emptying only every 4-6 weeks, this feature underlines convenience and efficiency. The process of emptying is quick, taking only about 5 minutes.
  • Innovative Design: Describes this as a vast improvement over older composting toilet designs, assuring potential customers of its effectiveness.

Best Budget Choice:

Jabsco Twist n’ Lock

The Jabsco Twist n’ Lock is an affordable, compact solution for space-constrained boats. Its twist-and-lock safety pump prevents leaks and waste backflow, making it easy to maintain.

Key Features:

  • Worldwide Popularity and Reliability: Emphasizes the global recognition and trust in Jabsco’s manual toilet, which has been popular for over two decades. This highlights the product’s proven track record of reliability.
  • Twist ‘n’ Lock Feature: Describes the intuitive and easy-to-use Twist ‘n’ Lock feature, which ensures peace of mind by protecting against siphonic flooding and waste backflow with a simple 90° turn of the handle.
  • Versatile Installation Options: Notes the powerful self-priming pump that allows for installation above or below the waterline, showcasing the toilet’s versatility.
  • Flexible Discharge Options: Indicates suitability for both overboard and holding tank discharge, catering to various plumbing systems and preferences.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Materials: Points out the use of materials resistant to corrosion, making the toilet suitable for both salt and freshwater environments, and enhancing its durability.

Best Premium Choice:

Raritan Marine Elegance

Raritan Marine Elegance resembles a home toilet, using Vortex Vac Flush Technology to eliminate the need for a tank. Its loop design prevents odors, and the Smart Flush control adds convenience and customization.

Key Features:

  • Luxurious Design: The Marine Elegance offers the luxury of a full-size seat in a one-piece china bowl, combining comfort with elegance.
  • Advanced Seat Technology: Includes a slow-close toilet seat with stops to prevent shifting during heavy seas, enhancing comfort and stability.
  • Vortex-Vac Technology: Features the same Vortex-Vac technology as in the Atlantes Freedom, creating a vacuum in the bowl and eliminating the need for extra vacuum generation equipment.
  • Built-In Shredder with Stainless Steel Blades: A convenient built-in shredder transforms waste into small particles to reduce clogs, enhancing the toilet’s efficiency and reliability.
  • Quiet Operation: Operates at a noise level less than 63 decibels, ensuring discreet use without disturbing others on the boat or dock.
  • Low Water Consumption: The toilet is designed for low water usage, making it an eco-friendly and resource-efficient option.

Additional Top Picks for Marine Toilets in 2024

The market offers a variety of other top-notch marine toilets, each catering to different preferences and requirements.

Jabsco 37010 Series Electric Marine Toilet

The Jabsco 37010 Series stands out for its ease of use and durability. It is ideal for both large yachts and smaller boats, featuring an integrated self-priming rinse pump and a backflow stopper for added safety. Its rust-proof materials make it versatile for use with both saltwater and freshwater.

Camco 41541 Portable Travel Toilet

Camco’s model is ideal for those seeking portability without sacrificing functionality. It features a large holding tank and is known for its ease of use and cleaning. This model is a great fit for RVs, camping, and sailing adventures.

Porta Potti

Porta Potti offers a blend of aesthetics and functionality, ideal for boaters who value design and practicality. It is known for its leak-proof and odorless nature, making it suitable for small boats and RVs. The unit also features an integrated toilet paper holder and a level indicator for convenience.

Johnson Pump Aqua T Toilet

Johnson Pump’s Aqua T Toilet is known for its two-year warranty, lightweight design, and quick water intake. It is a solid choice for any boat, combining comfort and efficiency.

Raritan Sea Era

The Raritan Sea Era is a versatile and efficient choice, offering an integral pump for water intake and flushing. It’s a budget-friendly option, ideal for those seeking reliability and affordability.


Q: How difficult is it to install a marine toilet?

A: Installation complexity varies by model, but many are designed for easy DIY installation.

Q: Are composting toilets eco-friendly?

A: Yes, composting toilets are an eco-friendly option, reducing water usage and chemical waste.

– Can Marine Vinyl Cleaner Help Maintain Marine Toilets as Well?

Yes, the best marine vinyl cleaner can help maintain marine toilets as well. Using a quality marine vinyl cleaner will effectively remove dirt, stains, and mildew from the toilet surface, keeping it clean and well-maintained. This ensures a hygienic and long-lasting marine toilet for your boating trips.


Choosing the best marine toilet for your vessel in 2024 involves balancing functionality, budget, and environmental considerations. With the variety of options available, you can find a solution that perfectly fits your boating lifestyle.